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Frequently asked questions

What is a Volvo PIN?

A Volvo PIN (Personal Identification Number) is a unique code required for each transaction under the A-Plan by Volvo program. This Volvo PIN must be generated by the eligible A-Plan participant. When a Volvo PIN is generated, the A-Plan participant will receive their Volvo PIN delivered in an email. 

The A-Plan participant will need to provide their PIN and verify their home address with an authorized participating Volvo Car Retailer to secure the A-Plan bonus incentive.

A-Plan eligible members can use their Volvo PIN for:

  • New Volvo Purchase or Lease (including Demonstrator & Courtesy Vehicles/Service Loaners)
  • Certified by Volvo purchase
  • Volvo Overseas Delivery program purchase 
How do I generate a Volvo PIN?

All A-Plan by Volvo PINs are generated through the program website An active login is required to generate an A-Plan by Volvo PIN.

First time users will need to register for the A-Plan program site. Users can register by searching for their company and completing the registration process as required. Some partners will require additional verification through to confirm eligibility.

Once registered, click on the Get a Volvo PIN link and follow the instructions.

Users having trouble generating a PIN may contact for assistance.

How long is a PIN valid?

PINs expire 90 days from the date of generation. Your PIN will indicate an expiry date once it is created.

How do I confirm the A-Plan by Volvo incentive on the vehicle I want to purchase?

You can review vehicle incentives on the Vehicles page. You can also ask a Volvo Car retailer to review A-Plan incentives with you. If you have additional questions, please contact A-Plan Support.

Can I purchase or lease my eligible vehicle?

Yes. You can purchase or lease any eligible vehicle in the A-Plan by Volvo program, provided you are a qualified participant. Purchase or lease financing may be obtained at the customer's discretion, from any source.

Can I obtain a vehicle for my business?

A-Plan by Volvo purchases or leases may be titled in the name of a business. The valid representative of the business must provide proof of employment.

Can I obtain a vehicle for another person?

A-Plan eligible individuals can only extend their benefit to members of their immediate household. Proof of eligibility and address must be provided.

I'm confused about how the lease agreement was calculated. What should I do?
Ask your Volvo Car retailer to walk you through the steps used to calculate your lease.
Am I eligible for other incentives?

Yes. A-Plan by Volvo participants are eligible for retail incentives in effect at the time of the purchase or lease. There are some offers that are not compatible with the A-Plan by Volvo program. Your Volvo Car retailer can best determine which incentives you are eligible for.

Can I purchase a used vehicle, retired service loaner or dealer demonstrator through A-Plan?

Yes. Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are eligible under A-Plan and have an offer specific to that type of purchase. Dealer demonstrators and service loaner vehicles are also eligible for purchase or lease under the A-Plan by Volvo program. 

Which vehicles are eligible for A-Plan?

For a list of eligible vehicles, please visit the Vehicles section of the website. All Volvo vehicles are generally eligible, with the exception of select few new models. Vehicle eligibility is determined at the time of purchase or lease. Exclusions are subject to change, so please verify eligibility on the website from time to time.

What happens if I don't follow the rules and abuse my privileges?

Disregard for the rules of the A-Plan by Volvo program is a serious matter. Violations of the plan rules as described in this document can result in:

  • Being suspended from participating in the plan
  • Facing other disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment (Volvo employees only)
How long is the A-Plan by Volvo program in effect?

There is no effective expiration date for this program, however, Volvo Car USA reserves the right to modify the program, remove eligibility, or cancel the program at any time.

Information I've been given elsewhere conflicts with these rules. What should I do?

For clarification of plan rules, or if you have additional questions, please see your Volvo Car retailer or you can contact