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A-Plan by Volvo Partner Enrollment

Exclusive bonus incentive offer for Corporate Partner Employees.

Program Overview

Volvo Car USA presents A-Plan by Volvo: a tailored corporate employee benefit program offered to active employees of select US business partners, fleet partners, and organizations that share a unique relationship with Volvo.
Once your company becomes an A-Plan Partner, active employees will be eligible to receive an exclusive bonus incentive towards the purchase or lease of a Volvo. The bonus incentive may be combined with most current national or regional incentives at the time of purchase or lease.
Restrictions apply. Volvo Car USA reserves the right to modify or discontinue the A-Plan by Volvo program, in whole or in part, at any time without notice. The A-Plan by Volvo program is only available in the United States.

Become a Partner

If you would like your company to become an A-Plan by Volvo Partner, please note the following requirements:
  • Your company/organization must have a minimum of 500 employees
  • The enrollment must be completed by a certified human resources or benefits professional

No assumption of eligibility should be made by submitting an enrollment request; Volvo reviews applications quarterly.
Once we’ve reviewed your enrollment request, a member of our A-Plan by Volvo team will connect with your HR/Benefits Administrator directly to confirm your Partner details. There is a 90-day waiting period to become active once approved.

Employee Eligibility

The A-Plan by Volvo program is exclusively for active employees of select business partners, fleet partners, and other organizations all having a unique relationship with Volvo; retirees are not eligible. Additional purchase eligibility will be extended to the A-Plan eligible employee’s spouse and members of their immediate household (proof of address is required). Once a company/organization has been added as a Partner, employees may begin to register.
Employees will be asked to provide their Volvo Retailer with proof of active employment. Accepted documents include:

  1. A current paystub showing full name & company details.
  2. A recent W2 copy.
  3. Any corporate ID badge or business card showing full name and company name.
  4. Letter of employment.

The employee registration process is easy:

1. Register for A-Plan by Volvo

  • Visit A-Plan by Volvo
  • Search by Company Name and complete the registration process. Employment verification may be required through a work email address or document upload.
  • Once registration is approved (may take up to 1 business day), the employee will have full access to the A-Plan by Volvo website where they can review program information, eligible vehicles, and exclusive bonus incentives.

2. Browse Models & Learn More

  • Browse eligible models.
  • Review current incentives.
  • Learn more about A-Plan, review frequently asked questions, and find a local Volvo Retailer.

3. Create a Volvo PIN

  • The Volvo PIN number is required in order to access the exclusive bonus incentive to use towards the purchase or lease of a Volvo; this is to be shared with the Volvo Retailer.
  • Once the Volvo PIN is created, they will receive an email from us with their PIN details, and next-steps. They may also log-in to the A-Plan website at any time to access their PIN details.

4. Visit a Volvo Retailer

  • Visit a participating Volvo Retailer.
  • The Retailer will validate their Volvo PIN, and confirm their program eligibility by asking for proof of employment, confirming home address information, etc.

Enroll your Company

Explore the Offer

1. Apply for A-Plan

  • Complete the Partner Enrollment Request, and submit to Volvo for review.
  • The Key Contact must be a certified HR/Benefits Administrator, and will receive all program communications.
Explore the Offer

2. We'll connect with you

  • A member of our A-Plan by Volvo team will reach out to the Key Contact identified to verify partner requirements, and to discuss program details.
  • We review Partner Enrollment Requests quarterly, and appreciate your patience.
Explore the Offer

3. Share with your employees

  • We will send you a Welcome to A-Plan email, which can be shared with your active employees.
  • If you’d like custom A-Plan by Volvo assets to post on an internal SharePoint or benefits site, please let us know.
  • Each employee interested in A-Plan by Volvo will need to complete their own registration.